Main areas of research

On the whole 21 branches of science have been developing at the University.

Branches of scienceLeading scientists
Mechatronic and information technologies in mechanic engineering Morozov V.V.
Belevich A.V.
Methods and means of project engineering of information processing system for wireless technologies Lantzov V.N.
Essential and engineering problems of improving of reciprocating engines (thermo physics, gas dynamics and ecology of non-steady processes) Ethros V.V.
Gots A.N.
Dragomirov S.G.
Laser physics, electrophysics, non-linear wave effects: essential researches and their appliance in laser and information technologies Arakelyan S.M.
Kunin V.N.
Prokoshev V.G.
Automatization and management of technologic processes and manufacturing. Korostelev V.F.
Kobzev A.A.
Veselov O.V.
Information and telecommunication systems. Samoylov A.G.
Galkin A.P.
Talitskiy E.N.
Bioengineering. Morozov V.V.
Sushkova L.T.
Samsonov L.M.
Design methods, means and technologies of controlling systems of technical, economic and social objects. Kostrov A.V.
Makarov R.I.
Monahov M.U.
Metrological assurance and quality control of technical systems. Sergeev A.G.
Orlov U.A.
Development of conceptual basis of environmental system monitoring, geosystems of river drainages, based on GIS- technologies (geo-informational systems) for purposes of efficient natural resource use and stable development. Trifonova T.A.
Development of new and upgrading of available materials and technologies in manufacturing of silicate materials. Panov U.T.
Khristoforov S.I.
Chuhlanov V.U.
Foundry engineering, technologies and equipment of mechanical and physicotechnical processing. Kechin V.A.
Sidorov E.V.
Gusev V.G.
Strategic development of organizations. Lapygin U.N.
Dmitriev U.A.
Arkhipova V.F.
Building constructions. Valuiskih V.P.
Zhiv A.S.
Technology and management of construction operations. Kim B.G.
Arkhipova V.F.
Mathematical methods of analysis of complex systems. Dubrovin N.I.
Davydov A.A.
Danchenko V.I.
Physical and chemical processes, analysis, identification and processing of materials. Amelin V.G.
Kuhtin B.A.
Orlin N.A.
Monitoring of electromagnetic field of atmospheric boundary layer for the purposes of research the influence of geophysical and astrophysical processes. Grunskaya L.V.
Kunin V.N.
Nikitin O.R.
Russian society: formation and development problems. Gulaeva V.V.
Shulus I.I.
Skvortsova A.I.
Legal aspects of development and strengthening of nationhood of the Russian Federation. Sherbakova N.V.
Chuchaev A.I.
Kuznetsov A.P.
Philosophical and theological aspects of conscious in education. Arinin E.I.
Andrushenko M.T.